Border Rugby Referees Society

For Rugby Referees and officials in the Scottish Borders

Interested in becoming a referee?

If you fancy becoming a Borders Rugby Referee below gives you an outline on the procedure to become one.

The Scottish Rugby Union now has referee Educators situated all over Scotland running Level 1 Referee Courses. Information can be found on the SRU website

Alternatively you can e-mail the Chairman for further information or the Referee Coach and Development Officer.

How to become a referee

Step One

You will be required to attend a Level 1 Course which usually last for 6 hours.  On this course you will learn some basics about refereeing and of course you will gain more information on the Laws of the Game.  The course has an exam at the end and on passing this you will be asked to try and organise the opportunity to referee a game local to you.  These are normally school matches or club youth matches.  The organisation is usually done in conjunction with your local Club Youth Development Officer. When you have a game organised you should contact the Referee Development Officer who will will provide you with some advice to ensure you referee the game in a safe manner and also to provide some coaching points for the future. After a few of games like this and providing all is well you will become licensed referee and can decided if you wish to join the Border Rugby Referee Society or remain a club referee. 

Step Two

If you decide to join the Border Rugby Referees Society this will open greater opportunities to advance your refereeing career. Joining the Society would involve being appointed to games in the Borders away from your own club. Within the Society we have monthly meetings where we discuss various issues and also access technical training from SRU Elite Referees. Other types of support are available upon joining the society and it is likely that you will have a Referee Coach watch you and help in your progress.

Step Three

Once you have completed your initial society appointed games, supported by your referee coach, and both you and they are comfortable you are ready to progress, you will be ready to referee regularly in the society. This does not mean you are on your own as your coach will be available to speak to you before and after games and will arrange to look in on your development.  The Society pays travel expenses every month for all games covered and also once you have committed to referee on a regular basis you will be supplied with some refereeing kit. If after a season and everything is going well, you may be recommended to attend the Level 2 refereeing course.

Step Four

This is the part which is down to the individual.  Refereeing can take you to all parts of Scotland and further afield. So it you want to progress beyond the society the SRU has developed a pathway in which dedicated referees can further their careers. This would involve being promoted to the Referee Academy or Development Squad and undertaking your Level 3 Refereeing course. Following this you may be promoted to the SRU panel and then to the Elite Panel. Upon reaching this stage you may find yourself refereeing Age Grade Internationals, Pro games and refereeing abroad.

If however you have no desire to move up the ladder Nationally you will be very welcome to continue refereeing within the Borders.

Level 1 Refereeing Courses in the Borders





National Level 1 Refereeing Course




Peebles HS Games Hall

Friday 19 August 2016

2pm - 8pm

Register by Monday 15 August 2016           REGISTER NOW

Melrose RFC

Sunday 4 September 2016

10am - 5pm

Register by Monday 29 August 2016      REGISTER NOW

Gala RFC

Sunday 2 October 2016

10am - 5pm

Register by Monday 26 September 2016 REGISTER NOW

Melrose RFC

Sunday 6 November 2016

10am - 5pm

Register by Monday 31 October 2016   REGISTER NOW