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Iain Ramage signs off

Date: 16/08/2018 21:03 
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Subj: BRRS

Dear Colin

Thank you very much for your letter and kind words. 

I have very much enjoyed my time refereeing but feel the time is right 
to call it a day. 

I have a distant memory of playing golf with you at Ashkirk at the 
BRRS golf day and I shared with you the grading I had just received 
after 10 years refereeing and that I was frustrated that I didnít seem 
to be progressing through the leagues over the last couple of seasons, 
without understanding what the grade meant and you explained that it 
meant I was going to be refereeing old Division 1 rugby the following 
season! Oh how times have changed!

I had a lot of fun playing the game but staying involved after my neck 
injury has extended my involvement way beyond what it would of had I 
continued only as a player, so to answer your question yes I have had 
fantastic experiences and opportunities over the years. 

As I said in my email to Tappe, that I copied to you, I am extremely 
grateful to all those in the Borders Society for the support and sound 
advice that I have received over the years. Particular thanks go to 
those wise sages Jack Dunn, Bill Bryson, Peter Robertson, Eric 
Grierson, Jock Imrie, Ian Houston and Bill Calder. I would be grateful 
if this could be recorded at the next Society meeting or perhaps on the 

I am also grateful to yourself, Chuck M and Kenny Mc for the help and 
advice, even when we were rivals for the next appointment, never did I 
experience anything but support. I have put this example into practice 
for those that have followed me and I hope that they have the same 
feeling. . . . . . standards!

I will keep in touch and hopefully able to make it to some games and 7í
s up in the borders, grand children duties permitting in the future.

I. Ramage
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